Monday, December 10, 2018

Ruby on Rails

Coding Bootcamp London | Le Wagon Demo Day – Batch #190

Video is ready, Click Here to View × 36 students attended Le Wagon in London from October to November 2018. Check out the 9 projects they built with Ruby on Rails in only 2 weeks!

Instalasi Rails dan Error Solving – PART 1 – (Tutorial Ruby on Rails Bahasa Indonesia)

Video is ready, Click Here to View × Selamat datang di Ruby Go ID Pada diary ke-lima ini saya mencoba menginstal rails pada OSX. Rails merupakan web framework yang dibuat dengan bahasa Ruby, dikembangkan pertama kali oleh David Heinemeier Hansson pada tahun 2003. Rails juga bersifat open source tapi dengan lisensi MIT. Rails menggunakan konsep […]

E1829 OSS project Duke Blue Fix import glitches

Video is ready, Click Here to View × Expertiza is an open source project based on Ruby on Rails framework. The Expertiza project is a software that creates reusable learning objects through peer review. It is a web application where students can submit and peer-review learning objects (articles, code, websites, etc). The import feature is […]

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