★ Java Game Programming Tutorial #11 – States


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Today we implement an easy to use state manager

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5 thoughts on “★ Java Game Programming Tutorial #11 – States

  1. I din't watched all videos, so what for did you put the StateManager into the tick-method?

    Also: I made a render loop and now I'm basicly trying to call the StateManager.currentState.render(), but I don't know what to pass in there! If I do render(g) it isn't defined ('cause obviously there is no such variable).

    Btw.: Great tutorial! It really helped me in my struggle. My biggest problem was that I din't know about Map's, and went for a really complicated way. Now it's all easier.

  2. When you use short cuts please say what hey are or where they are in the menus as mine eclilpse is different and trying to find what you did is really a pain at times when you just blasts through those parts and I end up spending 5-10mins finding the right menu. Thank you for the great video serious =D

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