1-1: Creating a Python Program in Wing IDE 101


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In this video you are shown how to create and run a simple Python program using Wing IDE 101.

Check out my book called “Python Programming Fundamentals” on the website http://cs.luther.edu/~leekent/CS1. This book is used by colleges in an introductory Computer Science class, but it can also be used by you to learn computer programming. The book has lots of examples and the series of videos I have published on YouTube complement the material found in the text. In fact, I have been using…

12 thoughts on “1-1: Creating a Python Program in Wing IDE 101

  1. You are an awesome person, Kent, for giving these tutorial videos away for free! I just bought a book (much simpler "intro" to a diff language) that "recommended" i get his online "course" as well, to use along with the book. I decided to give it a shot… Turns out the "course" was nothing more than video tutorials that matched the book almost exactly. Not only that, they offer a certificate for completing the course (obv, the main reason they want the ~$25), but they allow auto-play on the videos and have no quizzes that pop up or anything (like I said before, only videos). Not only was this kinda BS, but I feel doing stuff like that undermines certificates gained from honest, ACTUAL online courses (you know, with like, coursework, quizzes, tests, interaction with the instructor, etc, etc).

    sry, rant over… just thank you. I wish more professors would do this along with their books.

  2. It is really one of the best IDEs, you can have the output in the debug console, and there you can know immediately if there is something wrong with your code. Without need to run the separate window for output. I like it, more than IDLE.

  3. Ive been using IDLE mostly…just out of convenience, but have also been using a different IDE for python. I was following a book/tutorial and the other editor didn't have some of the tools I need to carry out the lessons. The book recommended WingIDE and I ended up here.

    Seems alright, lets hope the book wasn't using the pro version and all this wasn't a waste of efforts. The IDE seems to have everything I need at least so not really a waste of efforts, I may stick with it

  4. Dear Kent,
     I am planning to teach Python to my High-school students.
    I am having problems making Kivy work with Python.
    This is what I have.

    Mac with 10.9.1(Maverick OS)
    Python 3.3.3

    I have followed the instructions of downloading Kivy and placing it in the Application's folder, but when I want to open a Kivy app from the example folder nothing happens.

    Would you be so kind as to create a video tutorial showing the installation process step by step. I really want to promote the use of Kivy with Python to create apps.

    Thank you so much,
    Kleber Quevedo

  5. Thanks – I've worked out that in python 3.2 you need () around "Hello World", whereas in 2.6 you don't. I'm following a course which must be based on 2.6 so I reverted the shell back to 2.6. Thanks a lot for the vid – real time saver for people like me. Wing is quite a bit slower than using the Terminal on my system, but it's a clean interface and easier to run, so now I have the choice of using either.

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