1 Install Java JDK on Windows 7 |


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This Java Video Tutorial shows you how to install Java Development Kit on Windows 7 Operating System; Java programs run with the help of Java Development Kit or JDK which is the first step. This includes demonstration of the Java installation and running…

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  2. hi .. if it is possible to upload the video " how to write the web services in java and most important how to deploye on live server " cause i am not getting any video related to deployement on live server like linode etc

  3. how to make a program in entering a password. and if you entered a password, there is a remaining attempts like "Access Denied (n) attempts remaining. and if you entered the password at maximum the output is "You have log in 3 times. The program will terminate."
    What will i do ?

  4. not able to execute the file as i have named it Test.java and saved it in bin n when compiled it gives error javac: file not found: Test.java
    Also when i try to save directly in the bin by naming it as Test.java it doesnt allow it tells to save in other location.
    Please help at the start itself m getting failed

  5. Hi would please make a series of videos on event driven programing??? its something that is not well explained on youtube and internet ,how to build windows with different fiels and program actions, what is a listener , a handler, an event ,how do they work ? how to make apps from eclipse or netbeans using event driven programing in java.how does it relate to xml???

  6. i am trying to teach myself java,, my first road block is this… when I try to down load the jdk , a box appears at the bottom, it asks me if I want to run or save the file. but it also warns me that this type of file could harm my computer… am I doing something wrong . I have a hp computer with windows 7 and 64 bit

  7. @Sanketha C R, 😀 reminds me of old days when my prof would say, LEAP YEAR IS i% 4 man, and I would look at the skies and wonder , why the hell i and why % lol

  8. hello @RAHUL M, thank you very much, feel free to share these videos with others who are struggling to learn Android and Java, thanks in advance, stay tuned, a lot more coming

  9. @Goran Husamalddin, thank you very much, I would really appreciate if you can tell your friends, colleagues and more people about how they can learn Android and Java from our channel, I spend 3 hours to make a single video with everything in place,thanks in advance 😀 stay tuned and I ll be having a lot more videos on many things including Android and excluding Android as well 😀

  10. hi @Agastya , thank you very much, Yes I am making videos on advanced Android, as of iPhone, I am stuck with the part where you gotta install Mac on Windows , lol I ll see what can be done about it , in the meantime, feel free to share these videos with your friends and colleagues who may need help in Android, thanks in advance

  11. well i would appreciate if you watch them on youtube, because if you get them on torrents, i ll lose my youtube channel strength and support, that means at some point i ll forced to stop making vids, plz consider this a request

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