10 Essential Tips and Tricks For IntelliJ IDEA


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This video is for Java developers new to IntelliJ. IntelliJ is my favorite IDE. At first I didn’t think that IntelliJ CE had all the features I needed for development, but then either new features were added in updates or I didn’t look hard enough. I have found every feature I need as a Java/Bukkit developer. This video lists the tips and tricks everyone using IntelliJ should know.

1. Code Generation (0:30)
2. Comments (0:54)
3. Refactoring (1:18)
4. Declaration/Usages (1:50)
5. Artifacts…

25 thoughts on “10 Essential Tips and Tricks For IntelliJ IDEA

  1. Very Helpful! Thank you so much. By the way, when you show 2-nd trick about Comments, when you right click on the sellected text, for some reason I have totally different type of the menu (similar as you had an the tip 1). Did you do something special for that type of the menu?

  2. Great video. Very useful. In Eclipse you can click a double arrow on the project view and the current file that is on the right will be shown where it is on the project structure(tree structure) view on the left. How can you do the same in intelliJ.

  3. Good video!
    I would like to suggest the best tip known to me so far while using IntelliJ IDEA:
    Find Action… – Ctrl + Shift + A – a very productive shortcut that you can do (almost) any action in the IDEA using only your keyboard without the need to remember any of the shortcuts except for one.

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