10 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iPhone?


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Hi there, Why is Android is the better than iPhone? In this video I share with you my 10 Reasons Why Android is better than iPhone! The intentions of this video is to share with you 10 reasons that make Android Phones an exceptional choice if your looking to pick up and new smartphone! The information in this video should help you gain awareness around what you can expect! There is an iPhone version of this video on the channel, share your thoughts, comments, and feedback on this topic and…

45 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iPhone?

  1. iPhone might be very popular indeed, but that doesn't make it the best phone for everyone, in this video we discuss 10 reasons why Android is better than iPhone, share your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, and feedback and enjoy the video 🙂

  2. One most important reason u forgot to mention is, its better resource management.. Android can manage its battery and ram quite well as compared to ios. Now many people will question me that iphone runs on max 4gb ram (it uses less), so to those i would like to tell ios does one task at a time and dedicates all its ram to it, so actually its useless for most of the Power users out there..

  3. I like my iPhone, but I HATE how “low end” it is for its price. Even my old htc One m8 had a better resolution! Apple really overcharges its products. It’s such a shame, cause the iPhone works for me in many ways. Yet, I might go back to android soon, and never use an iPhone (or any other Apple product) again.

  4. Do people realize how much it costs for Apple to manufacture an iPhone. I mean it's fucking retarded half of the phones they sell are very expensive. To them it costs a minimalistic amount of money to make an iPhone. While they have you pay a lot more money then what they waste making the damn phone. I prefer Android over iPhone but that's my opinion.

  5. New iPhone User…

    Being able to use my Samsung galaxy as a remote control for any tv in the world (not just smart TVs where you have to download the apps for)

    Facebook chat heads – I can still be on a video chat and do whatever else on my phone with the other person not getting a black screen from my end!

    SMS backup to Gmail – text messages are admissible in court, free apps that automatically sync all your texts to a folder in gmail is awesome especially since you can search “sms with ex, I owe you money” lol…but seriously! Print from gmail & voila! Can be print from iMessages only if you purchase a 3rd party app, sync it to a computer, save, then print after you’ve paid $50+ for that app!

    I can screen cast my display to a smart tv or Roku device without Apple TV!

    I can have a slideshow on my screen that rotates thru a set folder of pics or ones that I selected – or many widgets for that matter! I just like looking down at my phone and seeing pics of my kid or significant other or pretty artwork, etc…

    I can push my sms messages to a non-Apple device and receive AND respond on a laptop or tablet! I don’t always want to have my tablet/Ipad/phone all on me at the same time!

    Inability to easily edit pics beyond color quality/filter – no doodling/adding text, etc…without a separate app!

    The BACK BUTTON!!!

    I also like that the Google App Store shows you how many people have downloaded the apps so you can get a better idea of a 5⭐️ rating but that’s only out of 3 reviews & 7 downloads!

    Swipe screenshot feature

    Grouping of similar notifications w/drop down option to see more about individual notifications!

    Keyboard with numbers at the top & silly gripe…but why does the # have to be on the 2nd screen of symbols on the iPhone?!? Swipe to text feature without downloading an app!

    Clipboard – lost so many “cuts” that were long when I didn’t realize you can only cut and past ONE item at a time! 👎🏼

    We’ll see if I can get the iPhone to grow on me & understand exactly why some people are SO #TeamIphone

    I have an iPad and a new iPhone as well as my Samsung Galaxy S7 & a Samsung Galaxy Tab A Tablet + other tablets…so far, I love the screen size of the 7+ & hate that Samsung went for the narrow screen but otherwise, I miss my android!

  6. This is one simple way to see how Android is better than iPhone, in 2015 Samsung released a phone that was thinner, more practical, sells at a reasonable price, and isn't so big. In 2017 apple released the iPhone X which is over priced, is thicker than said Samsung phone, less practical, and is big.
    Also they had a headphone jack. I rest my case.

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