#10 Stack Implementation using Java Part 1 | Push Pop Peek Methods


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Stack implementation in Java without using Collection.

In this video we will see practical implementation of Stack without using Collection in Java

We will see :
– Stack Operations :
– Push
– Pop
– Peek
– Show

Stack : It is Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) DS
The name “stack” for this type of structure comes from the analogy to a set of physical items stacked on top of each other, which makes it easy to take an item…

22 thoughts on “#10 Stack Implementation using Java Part 1 | Push Pop Peek Methods

  1. Hi sir, I can't able to understand your "InterThread Communication" program on multithreading concept. You can find that video on your java playlist. Can you please make a video to explain that program step by step.??? Waiting for your reply

  2. Excellent,your discussion is always deep,informative,right and easy to understand..anything listening from you is a learning..please keep on this job in faster way.Implementation of data structures and algorithmic design principles in java is more important as it's relatively easy.So we expect eagerly the total series videos in much more faster way…many many thanks to you…

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