#18 Kotlin Tutorial | Function calling from Java


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6 thoughts on “#18 Kotlin Tutorial | Function calling from Java

  1. Excellent videos! Following along and learning a lot. Thanks for that! Just to add… why a and b are showing when you are calling/implementing the methods in IntelliJ. This is one of the many great IntelliJ features of IntelliJ that have been implemented starting a few months back(I don't remember the exact version number). What it does is that it shows you all the argument names next to the values you are passing.
    The reason is a great feature because is it stops you passing wrong values in wrong places in a method…lets say you have a method getPersonInfo(String name, String city, int age, int zipCode). When you call this method as getPersonInfo("New York", "Kishan", 10011, 35). The method will perform fine with no error but you will get wrong PersonInfo. But if you have it like as shown by IntelliJ now: getPersonInfo(name : "New York", city : "Kishan", age : "10011", zipCode " 35), right away by looking at the values you are passing, you can tell you are passing values in the wrong places…. this is great error check!

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