2014 JUC SF – Practical PHP Deployment with Jenkins


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By Adam Culp
When pushes to production fail, the “blame game” starts between developers and DevOps, then everyone scurries to figure out what really happened…fast! Adam Culp will show how a PHP application can be deployed flawlessly using Jenkins. Then see how “Dev” and “Ops” are both supported by a system if the application breaks and the nightmare happens.

2 thoughts on “2014 JUC SF – Practical PHP Deployment with Jenkins

  1. The problem with Jenkins is it just gives you outline framework for deployment or creating the build, To actually deploy you have to do the heavy lifting, So which is actually painful. So I really don't understand why people are using jenkins. I use something called Rollout, All the steps are predefined, You can simply connect your git repo from bitbucket or github and put your staging server, and production server and just click deploy, Its done. I am still using it https://grandappstudio.com/roll-out/

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