2019 Goals + Reflecting on 2018


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What are your goals for 2019?

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42 thoughts on “2019 Goals + Reflecting on 2018

  1. Just to clarify if some people mistook what I said about my HCIM
    it is NOT 2100 total right now, that is the current rank 100's total.
    my HCIM is very underwhelming and the keeping the rsn secret has become more of a meme than a big reveal

  2. Have you tried overnight oats?
    I used to struggle with regular, cooked oats but overnights oats is a game change πŸ™‚
    With of course some other things added like apple, cinnamon, certain seeds, honey,,…

  3. is that 4600m xp rlly worth it? Like no1 cares anyways but urself and you only live once.
    when you're 70 your gonna look back and regret all this precious time u have spend clicking on some pixels.
    There's so much more to life then sitting behind your pc all day

  4. Good to hear you making the changes to your life, at the start of 2018 i weighted in at 140 kilo's, now i'm at 94-95 kilo and my goal for 2019 is to be even leaner and stronger and i want to max on osrs, 2100 total atm.

    Love your content, keep it up brother.


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