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This Java Tutorial For Beginners video talks about constructors in java, what are constructors, how they are used to give default values to instance variables inside a java class, how you can create parameterized constructors in java and how the default…

46 thoughts on “21 Java Constructor Tutorial Theory |

  1. slute u sir .. I start reading a java book to learn oop .. at very 1st example of class and objects i got stuck bcz they use Self made constructor ( Own constructor ) Which was out of the range of my head . then i find this great great man and now i can understand what the hell was going on that example

  2. Honestly, I am sometimes still confused by Constructors. When you ask people what they do, most answers I have heard are that they set up and initialize. OK, but I'd love to know what are some real world cases for using Constructors rather then simply letting Java create a default no arg.s Constructor.

  3. Sir,you are saying (me) allocates memory…Then what that New keyboard does??new keyword wont allocate memory ah???And also please clear my other doubt also sir…why we create class?Without class we cannot do program ah??With main method object and other method we cannot do program ah??why we create class…

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  5. sir first of all thanx for series now there is a problem at 7:50 you told us that when we will define our own parameterized constructor java will not provide the default constructor, so how the value of an uninitialised instance variable become null when we don't assign them any value as in:
    class A{
    String name;
    int id;
    A(String name){
    in this case id will be 0 but how if java is that possible if java is not providing default constructor

  6. I have a question about defualt Instance Variables.We can define default variable on Constracture method like;
    class Person
    String firstname;
    String lastName;
    . Why don't we define our default Instance Variable when create firstly like;

    class Person
    String firstname="johns";
    String lastName="snow";

    }} .

    Does this situation create any problem?

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