5 Changes To Speed Up Your Android Phone- 2018 Edition!


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By The End Of This Video Your Phone will feel like the day your first got it || Quick Tips to Speed Up Your Android Device. || LIKE+SUB If You Haven’t Already!

Hidden Android Features That You Should Be Using! – https://goo.gl/oMJWLS

Important Links-

Update To OREO – https://goo.gl/5394Pm

Profiler App- https://goo.gl/NXP3zZ
NOVA Launcher- https://goo.gl/kcSTPG
EVIE Launcher- https://goo.gl/e7HvRo

Combine Insta,Fb & Twiteer with FLYSO app – https://goo.gl/AMTHJv

48 thoughts on “5 Changes To Speed Up Your Android Phone- 2018 Edition!

  1. Been watching u since ur Burberry shirt video.Very good growth.Keep up man!!!

    P.S I've done almost everything u showed I the video. Thanks for all the information.
    Subbed and liked

  2. Thanks for the information about OTA. However I just spent 20 minutes searching YouTube to figure out how to do it because you didn't tell us in your video. It would be nice if you would have mentioned that in your video. Thank you

  3. Love all your videos…. can you help me with motorola g turbo edition how to install custom recovery or get it rooted I've tried hut didn't got any proper method or trusted one and xda is a bit hard to follow in steps so please help

  4. My phone is sooo fast man and the battery is lasting longgg thanks bro but one thing my Moto g3 is not able to b rooted I have 7.1.2 installed idk if that makes it unable to b rooted

  5. Hi, Android guy, thanks for your videos, I've been learning a lot from your videos for the past one year however I found contradicting information relating to how to speed up android.

    On androidforums.com I learnt that freeing RAM makes android slower. For one thing, the used up RAM is used by preloaded apps. For example you always use Chrome. Hence it was already preloaded to RAM so that when you press the icon it is already loaded up. Preloaded apps on RAM hardly uses any battery. Empty RAM and full RAM uses same amount of battery. However, if you cleaned up RAM, when you open Chrome, the CPU will have to run to call Chrome from storage, and load it up to RAM first before opening. So it uses up more battery to load the app to RAM, when it should have already been loaded if you did not clear it.

    In short Freeing up RAM is counterintuitive because it slows the phone down and uses up more battery to load stuff up from scratch. The apps restarting automatically will also increase data consumption because they will try to reconnect if they are designed to be connected at all times

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