5 Features that Android Pie does better than iOS 12


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Here are 5 features that Android Pie does better than iOS 12! Thumbs up if you want to see 5 features that iOS 12 does better than Andorid 9.0! Enjoy!
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36 thoughts on “5 Features that Android Pie does better than iOS 12

  1. I like that apple keeps things the way they are with the home screen customization ability. It means there is a range of different phones on the market. If you don't like it, get an Android like I did.

  2. Customization is nice and all but I don't really 'customize' my phone all that often. I've been flitting between iOS and Android and I switch between them as I have Pixel 2 and the iPhone 8. I found that when using my Pixel 2, I don't really 'mess' with the UI all that much. I use both for running Apps, taking Photos, Calls, and Texts but I find that iOS is a little more consistent. I've tried the split screen mode when watching a video while on social media but the screen is just too small for my liking that I either put Twitter OR the video on full screen. It always baffles me when people want 'freedom' when in truth; after they've changed their Home screen and its apps, it will probably take time for them to get used to it themselves and so would not change it for a very long time – which defeats the purpose of this 'freedom' that people are talking about. It always amazes me when I can give an iOS device to a child/elderly and in half a day, they more or less know how to operate it.

    I have worked in software design before and the most important job for a software engineer is to make a user-friendly interface and achieves this with little to no intervention from the user themselves. An interface that is unobtrusive where the design recedes to let you focus on what you need to do. However, credit should also be given to android for being designed with a forward-thinking goal. The material design language is prominent on stock android and it's my interface of choice (from all of the custom launchers/skins out there). It's coherent and somehow 'makes sense'. As mentioned, Android gives you that freedom but I always find myself coming back to the default launcher. It always excites me when Android comes up with features beforehand and Apple sort of improves upon it and adding it to their design with that distinct 'Apple-y' twist. I often found friends and family with android phones that have far too much clutter (i.e. multiple apps that has the same functions or those phones that are immensely cheap but forces you to watch Ads! – LOL WHUT?) while the most cluttered iPhones I come across with are solved by just plonking everything in a single folder and they can just flick down to use Finder/Search in the Home Screen (which by the way is much faster than literally looking for apps screen by screen).

    The gap between both OS is shrinking though. iOS is getting more and more feature-rich without being overwhelming (most of which works in the background) while Android is getting more stable after each iteration. Android has also streamlined the design language of the OS for consistency and coherence. But in the end, it's us the consumers that win. Because of these distinct differences, we are given the opportunity to choose our preferred platform and enjoy it.

  3. There's a bar that slides from app to app on stock Android but it opens up the tabs and allows you to slide around until you find the desired app and animates you back into the chosen app

  4. Love your channel! Love this video! Some tips for your next video iOS 12 does better than Android Pie.

    1. 3d touch/force touch:
    A feature when you press the icon with higher pressure than general you have some options to do with the app. Similar to right click on windows. While long pressing on Android gives you options and dragging the app without removing the finger allows you to drag the icon is smart than the force touch on iOS, the force touch is still innovative. This feature is not in Android.
    2. Virtual Trackpad:
    You have access to a mouse on Android phones and tablets. And so the idea of chromeOS running Android apps is better than Windows RT and Windows 10 S. But Apple won't allow you to use a mouse on an iPhone or even an iPad as for them they have macs for mouse/trackpad system and so iOS is restricted to touch and stylus. Touch isn't good while editing a long article or essay on word(say) as you need a mouse and a cursor on the screen for excellent precision. So what's the other way? Tap on any editable area(where your virtual keyboard shows up). Tap on the keyboard with two fingers at once and drag around the keyboard. You can see the editing cursor moves according to your actions on the virtual keyboard. Remember don't tap and hold on the keyboard with your two finger gesture.
    3. Endless tabs on Safari.

  5. I came from Android and recently moved to iOS with iPhone XR. Honestly…

    Android is such a clusterfvck of an OS. The creators of the OS don't know what kind of end experience they want their users to have and so instead of giving you a complete, finished experience, they give you all these half assed, weird ass options for you to "customize" it. That notification thing is such a mess. Who wants to go into there and carefully select all those checkboxes and radio buttons. Realistically, when you pay for a service, you typically want everything to be taken care of for you. You don't want to ever worry about these little petty things.

    Most of the time, Android introduces features that don't fit the device, for example the split screen. Cmon, be honest. The 5 years I have been with Android, I can probably count with my fingers how many times I have used that feature and most of the time I activated it by accident. I was using a Nexus 6, has a decent size screen, and split screen did not ever feel like it added any kind of positive experience. Why offer something that adds zero usability.

    iOS so far has been a very pleasant experience. Yes, at one point (years ago), Android was the better OS. But in recent years, iOS have caught up and the OS feels optimized, polished and complete.

  6. I tried to use iPhone after I got as birthday present… The thing I hate most ( to be honest, very sick of) is file management … I use my Android phone like Computer and every i do start from file manager app ( solid explorer I use) … After using iPhone for More than 6 months i cannot stand file management in iOS anymore …its too much complicated and learning curve for me .. example zip file opening , Changing file extension just by renaming , Google drive Link directly from file management copy paste system sd card … many many … Finally I sold back my iPhone

    Another thing is I rely too much on Google .. Maps , Translate ,Chrome browsers sync , extensions gmail …. Blah blah .. Android is much more integrated with all those

    Personally I think it's better to use your favorite OS … Its hard to switch between them nowadays

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