5 Ideas to Help you Think Like a Programmer in Python!


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How to think like a programmer in python. The are several strands to learning python. You have to learn the syntax of python and the basic structure of python and the important methods and functions in python. But the most important aspect of learning python or any programming language is to think like a programmer. In this video I talk about why learning to think like a programmer in python is essential to your python journey. I also give some very useful resource to help you do this. The…

6 thoughts on “5 Ideas to Help you Think Like a Programmer in Python!

  1. Hi everyone. When i first started this job, i was thinking i'll be very successful if I study enough and enthusiastic. I spent so much time on learning this thing.I sacrificed my hobbies and sleep over code. However, it was too late i understood my epic failure. I cannot remember what i studied, cannot think practically, cannot solve problems properly. Now i am so upset that i wasted my time trying to learn programming. And i am giving up today. I am waiting for your advices and comments to inspire me return, although i know it will not happen. Signature: A faithful programmer..

  2. Hi.i watched your all videos Related to python and data Science..
    You explained more resources for learning python and data science..
    Can you give us steps or plans as per ur experiences.to going on this journey without confusing..for example now I started read book automate the boring stuff with python .after that shall I go to website or book for projects or continue reading book like python hard way ..I hope you understand what I meant ..(now Am just taking about python because it is first step to be data science)

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