5 things you need to know before rooting your Android phone or tablet


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5 things you need to know before rooting, modding, or hacking your Android phone and tablet. you can see videos on all of these steps at RootJunky.com check it out. click show more to see links.

Link to my site
Link to XDA developers site

Link to Sammobile to download firmware


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Link to Motorola Firmware site

Firmware restore video for…

32 thoughts on “5 things you need to know before rooting your Android phone or tablet

  1. Hi. I cannot root my device, Amazon Fire 5th gen. I wanted to make a clean installation for my device. I followed up your previous videos on installing Play store and so on. Can you create a video which explains in details, I am not a programmer or software developer. I just need make a clean installation of Android to my Fire 7 5th gen device.
    Any suggestions and helps will be appreciated
    thanks in advance

  2. last time i rooted my old phone, suddenly out of nowhere it started to not feel my touches on the screen and the power button wouldn't work. now i'm scared to root my phone. the things that happened to my phone is it involved by the root or no?

  3. Excuse me bro, I have coolpad note 3 with me and I rooted it.Now I want to factory reset my phone because my Google play store, Google services ,etc are not working or not signing in from any ID. please tell me what to do.some people suggests me to factory reset my phone and some r saying don't do it. so my main question is :- IS THERE ANY PROGRAM TO FACTORY RESET ANY ROOTED PHONE….

  4. I want to root my phone in the sole purpose of getting my delete videos, pictures and files etc recovered by diskdigger app, but my question is if rooting is deleting then will my deleted files prior doing the rooting process will be permanently deleted?

  5. And ah 1 and ah 2 and ah way we go, i am about to test how tech savvy I really am………for a senior I am confident that if I f@@k up, it's my phone…..ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…..well it's not that funny, or is it.

  6. i just rooted intex aqua ace.after 5days the display light went off for 3-4times a day…after that nowadays display goes for7-8 hour and come back …. the touch and other function are completely normal and i can receive calls and wifi also works well while screen is black>… any solution bro??how can it be fixed??

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