8 Secret Phone Settings You Should Try (ANDROID)


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Here are eight fascinating and secret features of Android. Setting #2 is out favorite – it will keep your phone’s battery going for longer!

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32 thoughts on “8 Secret Phone Settings You Should Try (ANDROID)

  1. Alright, time to clarify:
    #8 not a setting, its an app. It will probably also record so not too privacy safe
    #7 a lot of people know this already because when you set up the phone it asks for the standard output
    #6 not a remote, a phone finder
    #5 alright, this one is pretty good but you don't have to use 2 fingers
    #4 another good one, but again, phone asks if you want this turned on or not
    #3 won't work without mobile data wich a lot of people don't have, especially teens
    #2 only works with amoled screens, a lot of phones still use lcd's, especially low end phones
    #1 isn't it a well known thing, also for android 8.0 oreo it isn't really a game

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