A Diehard iPhone User Switches To The Google Pixel 3 XL


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After using iPhones for 6 years, this diehard Apple fan switched from the iPhone XS Max to the Google Pixel 3 XL to see what Android has to offer. We followed her throughout the process of leaving iMessage, navigating Android, and trying out the Pixel 3’s amazing camera.


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34 thoughts on “A Diehard iPhone User Switches To The Google Pixel 3 XL

  1. Diehard fan after only 6 years? That's not Diehard. I'm 43 & have been using Apple/Mac since 1990 in Jr. High. That's almost 30years. That's a fan. I think I've had my Powerbook longer than you've been alive!!!!

  2. Dumb review 🤭😂, why you asking her to make this review, she is already blind with iphone like ppl fall in love u can't changed her mind, Iphone is sucks like old man 🤭

  3. Never buy iPhone coz whenever Apple launch new phones, the destroy your existing phone through software bugs…. When u go to service centers they never repair ur iPhone… Always recommend a buyback… The worst part is they take big amount and replace same model…not latest models…. They say it's brand new phone but I have experienced it's a reconditioned new looking phone… The replaced phone has poor battery, 3 months warranty, no accessories and most importantly that phone also starts troubling u in 6-8 months…. touch Screen doesn't respond properly and also phone starts misbehaving… Automatically any app starts, any call connects… Worst policy of apple….
    Never buy iPhone…

  4. Doesn't seem like she gave the pixel 3 xl much chance. First 2 minutes was why she is an apple fan and reluctant to change….the video was only 6 minutes. I literally did not learn anything from this video.

  5. First : She has no idea about tech.
    Second : She had to pay a rent so she would have might sold his iphone x and buy that shit.
    Third : google stop paying these guys i know youtube is yours but we are not as$#oles.
    Thnx XD.

  6. U know what I already move on…
    I use Samsung…

    But there is something about iPhone that I really want to go back and have to get an iPhone again..
    I hate u iPhone!!! For wanting an iPhone!

  7. So she says "If a phone is really good in its interface, you should be able to understand it easily."

    Yeah, I've always felt that way too, but my first smartphone was an iPhone 3 and I found the interface impossibly vague — basically a vast collection of *unexplained symbols*. Switching to Android some years later was like having a weight lifted. Icons and symbols all made sense, and the early Androids even had the equivalent of a computer's right-click (the 'menu' button), so you could see your options before executing one. Nothing like that on the iPhone.

    But ooh, those text bubble colors! Definitely the deciding factor for where to spend $1000. /s

  8. Really …
    Test this..
    Download a midi format music
    Then play it… right away' 😊
    (Take note) download and play..
    No more going to iTunes or what so ever.. just Dload and play it.

    I want to know if you can play that in your beloved iPhone?

    Because android can surely do it any which way…


  9. Why are you people in the comments all so brain dead? She didn't enjoy the Pixel experience and likes iPhones better. Not a surprise seeing as she used the iPhone for 6 straight years and got so used to it. Why is it such a problem for y'all when people don't like something that you like? It's called an opinion.

  10. iPhone users just phone iPhone, no joke, I have lots of friends who does that. Android users actually check the reviews, specifications, camera, features, etc. before buying the product.

    edit: iPhone users don't have a choice. They may do all those above mentioned but they just have to buy newer version.

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