Adding twitter feed to homepage (1/3)

Ruby On Rails

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How to add a basic twitter feed to a site with Ruby on Rails.

You can find the code for this step on Github:

twitter gem:
dotenv-rails gem:
Where to get your twitter API tokens from:

15 thoughts on “Adding twitter feed to homepage (1/3)

  1. Everything seems to be working properly, I get all the correct information when testing in the rails console, however when I try to print the twee on the home page all I get is the bullet point and no text. I feel the setup should be correct as when I run "TwitterApi.our_public_tweets.first.text" from the console, it displays the proper tweet.

  2. I am not a rails guy by any means and I spent quite a few hours on this before finding your tutorial. The tricky part was simply where to put the files and how to load the class. You made it easy. Cheers!

  3. Hi Mike, I've followed the tutorial exactly as it is but my tweets are appearing a bit strange.

    We will be launching soon. Get REDE to find your middle
    [#<Twitter::Tweet id=652145386757361665>]

    Any idea why this is happening?

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