Advanced Topics in Programming Languages: The Java Memory…


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Google Tech Talks
March 21, 2007


This talk describes the Java Memory Model and how it affects the ways concurrent software should be written. Recent changes to the memory model, which were incorporated into JDK 5, redefined the semantics of threads, synchronization, volatile variables, and final fields. The new memory model provides efficient and provably correct techniques for safely and correctly implementing concurrent operations. These techniques are compatible with existing…

10 thoughts on “Advanced Topics in Programming Languages: The Java Memory…

  1. Hi James,
    One question regarding slide – Ordering(Why that slide was wrong)
    There is a line that- Reentrant lock is no-op
    Assuming that a JVM does nothing in no-op, but my understating is that(Correct me if I am wrong) it must be increasing lock counter some where, and this counter is checked to reach 0 while exiting the synchronize block/method to release the lock, if it does not reach zero,lock wont be released.


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