Am I leaving Android? iPhone XS Max, Galaxy Note 9, iOS VS Android


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38 thoughts on “Am I leaving Android? iPhone XS Max, Galaxy Note 9, iOS VS Android

  1. Man you are completely entitled to your opinion. I don't always agree with you but your channel is worth watching and you've got a good way to communicate your opinions and thoughts. I hope your channel grow more and faster because so far you have deserved it. It's OK to disagree as long as the discussion is with respect 👍

  2. This is why I subscribe to you. You keep it real. I believe you made it clear time and time again that the Note 9 is a solid top notch phone. You made your point why you like the iPhone the ecosystem. And like you stated in this video and before. The Vivo is your daily driver. Even with making this video you will still have people complaining. Just keep bringing the good content. You are one of the best when it comes to this mobile tech game.

  3. Notes are cool and all…but you get to a point in life where all the features, gimmicks etc you just don’ use anymore…Apple just does everything so smoothly and better …iMessage is crack…can’t live without it….but that’s my opinion..people need to stop being so dam sensitive.

  4. After all these years of being involved in mobile tech it still dumbfounds me how personal people take another persons opinion of a tech product.. it’s like you’re insulting their children or something. I just don’t get it. Anyways, you keep being you, and keep doing what you do. I enjoy your videos. God bless.

  5. As a longtime subscriber, I already knew that you weren’t leaving Android. With that being said, the iPhone XS Max is a nice phone and it’s ok to like them both. Android and IOS provide different experiences which are both very good. I’ve been using Samsung phones since the Moment and I have nothing against them but I bought my first iPhone (the 8+) and now I just prefer iOS, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still love Android. Keep up the good work J!

  6. Hey Mr J Williams ✌️ I really don't care what phone do you prefer. I love to watch your videos because of good reviews. God bless you 🙏😇 I know why you don't want to keep #Note9 I was watching that video. 😊👍

  7. If I could use *"Call Recording" on the Iphone, I'd buy one, but until that happens, it's the Note line for me. The Iphone is a good simple appliance that works well. Which is enough/fine for a lot of people. Nothing wrong with that.

    With respect to people reactions, you're unfortunately dealing with "fanboys." Fanboys are idiots, it doesn't matter if you're an Apple fanboy or Samsung fanboy, if you're a fanboy, you're incapable of critical thinking, which makes the person an *idiot.

  8. Hi Jay. Not sure what you said in your video about the iPhone that you had to take it down. YouTube is getting out of hand with the amount of hate over something as trivial as which brand of phone you prefer. I have seen you state many times that you are an android guy, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be allowed to like iOS too. There are many of us who like both Android and iOS and you shouldn't have to apologise for this. Keep making great videos.

  9. On the end of the day we speak about smartphones and our hobbie. Why this is so important for some people which phone somebody is using?? I enjoy your vids and like you say what you think. Keep going! Greetings from Germany

  10. You're viewing the Note 9 from a user perspective, who has the Note 8 already. From that perspective, the upgrade is not worth it just it's not worth to upgrade from iPhone X to XS.

    Maybe you should clearify that more because now it looked for some people you didn't like the Note 9 very much.

    As an smartphone enthousiast/reviewer, it's always a good thing to have both Android and iOS devices with you so know what you're talking about.

  11. Maximum respect from the UK J. If anything your videos made me at least consider IOS over android, but for MY tech usage android works better for ME. Keep up the quality content brother. You are one of the best at it.👊🏾

  12. The fact of the matter is we're in the age where every smartphone is great. Performance has reached a plateau on both sides Android and iOS. Choose the operating system you prefer, people really can't argue features anymore as they two operating systems are so similar.

  13. I downgraded from v30 to g6 cause if the camera makes the ground or other parts washed out maybe happens only with europe version. So I saw no need to have a flagship if it's thad bad in pictures sometimes or so heavy for my hands and gets slowly security updates like a midrange phone. Besides the qauddac saw I no reason to stick to it and sold it. On android are sadly only Pixel phones and nokia phones fast but the most apps on android sucks for me. Reason why I switch next year to the Iphone XR cause it's not so bride like a v30 and I must not switch after 3 years. Yes I wanna keep it 5 years cause after all my phone experiences I see no need anymore to upgrade after one or 2 Year only change the battery. But first save I for a system camera don't wanna be disappointed anymore on a cocert of my recordings like I had with the V30. I don't want this noice anmore on pictures or vids like I had with the V30 :/ Had not baught the V30 if I got not recommend it of a youtuber which was propably never on a concert with it so he should have said it. Indoor is it definitely not good for it sadly. Good video.

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