Amazon EC2, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Tomcat 7 Tutorial for Laura


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Watch in awe as I setup a brand new Amazon EC2 instance, install Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Tomcat 7 on it, and build a simple PHP comments form — all in under 22 minutes!

50 thoughts on “Amazon EC2, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Tomcat 7 Tutorial for Laura

  1. Wooow… in case this gets removed or deleted… I'm downloading this SUPER GREAT TUTORIAL… thanks a lot Jeff and thanks Laura for asking Jeff's help or thanks Jeff for spontaniously offering it (I don't know the situation :-))

    Oh I ran in to some difficulties that were not covered but this video helped me with those errors

    I am working on a mac and everything worked fine in the console, I saw some comments of people working on a windows… well check the link I gave this is the same installation on a windowsPC.

  2. Hi!

    Great video tutorial about using Amazon Web Services! Sadly, at the Identity Verification stage AWS authorization system failed to recognize my 4-digit PIN code. Before I realized I could've just spoken the digits one by one instead of keying them in I got this: "You have exceeded the maximum number of failed attempts at PIN verification that we allow. Your registration cannot proceed at this time. We require that you wait 12 hours from the time of your last attempt before you can try again."

    If it's not a big hassle for you, could you please provide any free account info for me to try out the AWS EC2 for some time (not necessarily a year)

  3. Hey Jeff, awesome video!

    I was just wondering about the name of the class that you are uploading this video for? I am very interested in learning more about AWS, Linux, MySQL, Apache, and PHP. What classes or coursework would you suggest I look into in order to achieve these goals?


  4. This is great EC2 presentation for new user like me.
    I am evaluating few Cloud services to deploy App of our client and for that this is very help-full to understand this new tech

    Thanks Jeff
    Thanks a lot for this nice Quick presentation

  5. Hi I keep getting the warning , even thought I changed the ssh security groups. chmod 400 or 600 is not working and I tried to recreate my keypair. However none of them worked any idea ?????

  6. This is a great tutorial, it's just what I was looking for…I had a question though. I copied my key (pem) as you did and set up so that I don't have to ssh -i a bunch of stuff, how can I get a copy of that key on my desktop (I should have copied it before I moved it). Any advice? Thank you!

  7. You can use any DNS hosting service to point a domain name at your IP address. Amazon offers their own DNS service called Route 53. Perhaps I'll do a video tutorial on it in the future.

  8. Thanks. 🙂

    No, the VM does not have the packages pre-downloaded. First, Ubuntu is Debian-based, so it uses .deb packages — not RPMs. When you use "apt-get install …", it searches for the package in the repositories defined in /etc/apt/sources.list. It then downloads the package requested (a .deb file) and installs its.

  9. Amazing speed, Amazing knowledge, Jeff. Amazing accuracy and Amazing video overall. Exceptionally well though of – content wise.
    Thanks a tonn for posting this video.
    I have a question on background working orincple of "apt-get". Where does this tool get the packages(rpms?) to install from? Does the virtual machine you used from amazon has all the packages you used, pre downloaded and stored?

  10. Hi Jeff, why did you choose ubuntu ami-4bad7422 vs one of the predefined virtual images? shouldn't the latest predefined AMIs be more stable/secure or is this choice simply for demo reasons – ie. im pretty new to this and stuck on choosing the best AMI for a basic php website? thx

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