Android 4.0 Tutorials – 21. Services


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This tutorial shows the basics of the Service object.

17 thoughts on “Android 4.0 Tutorials – 21. Services

  1. He stopped the service but he didnt stop the thread thats why it keeps logging the message you can implement the onDestroy method in the service extending class and stop the thread there.

  2. humble suggestion: you should rename your methods startService and stopService to something else to avoid confusion with the ComponentName startService / stopService methods. Helpful vid, thanks 

  3. Truly the most annoying keyboard sound ever. Would help if he could type better/faster, but the way it is I had a hard time watching. Still good information though.

  4. I was shouting to the screen since 10:54 saying "Man, maybe you mispelled the stop method!" and then he said:
    "Ah ok, I mispelled this method stopSerivce!" [Great, he noticed!]
    "Let's call the Activity's stop function stopSerivce!" Man it's ok but… no. Simply no!

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