Android 8.0 Oreo: My Top 5 Features!


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Now that Android Oreo has been out for a little while, here’s a look at my top 5 favorite features that came with the Android O update.
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40 thoughts on “Android 8.0 Oreo: My Top 5 Features!

  1. Is it new in Android 8 to have that separate display of battery percentage next to the battery icon?
    coz I have the inserted percentage version in Android 7.1.1, really unclear

  2. Hi, pal, do you know how to enable PIP on my Nexus 6p. I just updated to Android 8.0 official version. I only can use pip on chrome but not on YouTube app. I do not know what is wrong. I really like using YouTube app to watch video, and PIP function is important for me. Please help me out, I will appreciate that. Thanks

  3. I see you have The Naked and Famous in your music, big respect! I've noticed a drop in battery life on my Pixel XL since upgrading to Oreo. Was getting 5 hours sot on Nougat, now lucky to get 4

  4. overall, am a bit disappointed upgrading my pixel to Oreo.
    1. slight lagginess/unresponsiveness in some of my widgets. yes, maybe those widgets need to be optimized for Oreo. but seeing Oreo isnt much of an upgrade, it should not affect app's performance
    2. persistent notification from "apps running in the background" in the quick-setting/notification panel. the notification also appeared in the Status Bar, but i figured out how to dismiss it. i dont know how android considers certain apps are "running in the background" and some arent.
    3. i cant change app-icon shapes. long-press the homescreen, tap on settings but there's no option to change icons.

    feel free to comment

  5. I've had Maps work for PIP on my Nexus 5x. It's honestly very annoying if I want to exit the navigation but the picture stays around. Shame notification dots are only a Pixel Launcher feature and not built into Oreo.

  6. the picture in picture mode is insane. i always wanted to hear to a music on Youtube and do other staffs at the same time. This was the android feature i always wanted to have. When are we going to get them on Samsung devices? cant wait!

  7. One thing I'm NOT liking in O is that if you make a work profile, it basically breaks the entire OS and everything starts crashing until you delete it. Works on my Pixel C tho. Just Pixel XL breaks. So weird.

  8. Cant help but feel Android 8.0 is an incremental update. Some of the features have been there for long like the notification dots and even the pip mode has been supported in VLC app..
    And am I the only one who feels that the notification snooze option is kinda pointless? I mean, first, why would anybody need to snooze it in the first place.. it doesn't hurt anybody if the notification is there.. it's not like it pops up from time to time. Second, you can actually finish reading the notification in the time it takes to swipe on it, click snooze, set the time and click ok.

  9. Hey Tim, if I could get some advice from you if you have time? My wife and I are considering switching from Sprint to T-Mobile. I believe you did the same am I right? I'm slightly concerned about coverage but T-Mobile is getting better. We are in the St. Louis MO. area. If you get some time to tell me what you think, and or your experience thus far with T-Mobile? Thanks for your time.

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