Android 8.1 Oreo Preview: Top 5 features for Pixel 2 + Pixel XL


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Alex gets to grips with the latest version of Oreo, the just announced Android version 8.1!

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24 thoughts on “Android 8.1 Oreo Preview: Top 5 features for Pixel 2 + Pixel XL

  1. Overall my Pixel XL (1) is smoother after 8.1 beta. But ofc some things are slow or don't work cuz after all it's a beta. But overall it's much more smoother and polished imo.

  2. With all these Oreo videos that Android Central has done how many bags of Oreos have they purchased to make these videos and more importantly how do they stop from the staff eating them all the time? Maybe they don’t supply any milk. LOL

  3. A company generally should realise its mistakes sooner. Google still doesn't. That nav bar system was always stupid. Wasting screen estate. Burn in for OLED. Slower too. Simply should be replaced by gestures. What the hell is wrong with Google only they know. I am sure its arrogance.

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