Android Bottom Navigation View Tutorial using Fragments


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Android Bottom Navigation View Tutorial. A Bottom Navigation View in android is convenient many times to give your user a Better User Experience.

If you have 3,4 top-level navigation, you can go with the Bottom Navigation View to display the Navigation Menu.

In this Android Bottom Navigation View Tutorial, we will learn how we create a Bottom Navigation View. How we design it, how we put menus in it and how we switch the screens when the navigation menus are clicked.

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30 thoughts on “Android Bottom Navigation View Tutorial using Fragments

  1. How do you make text bold only on the selected item bottom navigation? I know it's something to do with android:state_checked="true" but I just cannot figure out where.

  2. How do I pass data between fragments?I Tried the communication between fragments with the interface but when I call the second fragment inside the mainActivity it gives error. It works fine when I use an empty activity as the main activity but it's not the same for bottom navigation.

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