32 thoughts on “Android Google Play Store: How to Change / Switch, Log Off or Add/Remove Account.

  1. I bough a game on playstore but i have a new phone so i now have to buy it again but I don't have money and maybye if I get on my other account were I bough it I can just download it I try to log in but I forgot my password

  2. I don't get it. Why does yours just say 'Enter email' after going on Gmail. It asked you for your finger print but it asks me to 'Enter current PIN.'? Does that mean credit card PIN or just a PIN number for your very own account because if that's the case I don't know how to find my PIN number.

  3. Ok ao i want to buy soemting but when i try and but it it says i cant cuz i have $0 balance on that account but its becase i have the mony on my other account and when i go to buy it o cant becase it eont mey me switch to mu account that has the mony on it!!!!!!😡😡😡help

  4. I fixed it! what you gotta do is tap on settings and go to "apps" and look for "google play service for instant apps" and tap uninstall and redownload your game and log into the account you want to buy it with and it should work.

  5. My google play wont even load so I have to use my other device to watch YouTube because I can’t update my YouTube which is very out of date, it asks me my old email which I forgot my password too. But it also wont let me reset it and its annoying.

  6. Are you facing any kinds of technical issues like Google Play Store not working,password recovery & reset issues,install issues and more.This is a new Google Play Store Helpline Number call on 1-888-769-8221.

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