Android: How Google Conquered the Smartphone Industry


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27 thoughts on “Android: How Google Conquered the Smartphone Industry

  1. Here at Apple we are famouse for bringing out " Something New " that Android did 5 years ago and then bash it into our brain dead Apple bots that ours is better because it cost 1200 bucks and the glass is shiny. Only Apple could polish a turd and sell it for 1k bucks.

  2. Actually, i think now we all need third company in this competition.
    Android is good, and ios is good also, but only two options is not enough.
    I want new mobile OS with it's own hardware, which can propose something different that 10005000 versions of android or another one apple $9999.99 device.
    Google play market is awful, so i prefer not use it at all. Apple makes good but not perfect phones this time, and prices became higher than ever before.
    So i want something different. Some new company, which create their own phone with they own OS, but with price tag lower than $999 for 64gb version and smaller screen with ugly notch.
    And i hope in 5 years we will see something like this.

  3. of all phones to take apart it was the motorola droid (before i saw this video and knew its significance) so I could cannabalize its screen and keyboard for a diy project. anyone know some schematics on the screen and keyboard ribbon cables?

  4. Android is losing its marketshare in KEY markets like the US, Canada, GB, Australia etc. It's dominating in 3rd world countries but with totally cheap products. So if we ignore the Androids running versions older than 3 years ago, their marketshare is actually quite small considering. Google is also starting to distance itself away from that fragmented mess and trying to promote ChromeOS. Pie has been out for almost 4 months now and it hasn't even reached .1 % marketshare. What a gigantic shit fest.

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