Android Jelly Bean Latency vs iOS iPad Core Audio


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**New test with a few more Apps**

Follow up to my comparison here:

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Although latency might have gotten a little better with this Jelly Bean Rom I flashed on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 it is still nowhere near Apple’s Core Audio.
For me Android still is not usable as a live performance instrument or as an intuitive audio producer.
Also the fragmentation of android devices makes it difficult for…

20 thoughts on “Android Jelly Bean Latency vs iOS iPad Core Audio

  1. When you android users get your latency solved for kiddie apps then you'll have to figure out how to not have it when pulling processor power for a serious apps. Ipad mini $329 dollars buy one run multiple apps and quiet wasting your time if you are serious about music. I can tell you where this is going. I have a G3 mac runing ios 8 that is more reliable than trying to get new pc's up and running with serious audio systems.

  2. Yes I Have The Samsung Galaxy 3 and I Purchased The Su-Preme MPA and The Same Latency Issue I'm Having As Well. Luckily I DO Own An ipad 3 too, so I'm Just Making Music On It. Android Need To Get It Together.

  3. Even on Nexus 7, the latency completely sucks in comparison to iOS. I'm a drummer and I can't really do shit on the nexus while I can do fairly complex patterns with the iPad. I'm a very anti-anti apple guy but I have to hand it out to iOS. JB is still not there in terms of being usable to have some real-time audio fun on it. The JB on nexus 7 even misses alot of taps you make – so not only a big latency but also missing hits.

  4. Sadly, still no hope for a low latency music app in Android in a short time. It's more than a year that I'm following a thread in the Google developer's forum, and the issue has not been fixed. Wake up Google…

  5. It might take some time for JB to become prevalent enough in the whole Android universe to motivate developers enogh to make really good music apps. I know people still running 2.2… However, very good to hear it is usable now! I have been waiting for so long to be able to use music apps that have the same kind of quality as on the iPad! thanks for your input!

  6. Its mostly the audio drivers apparently, the main lag was never actually caused by android itself which one of the main reasons its taken so long. android 2.3 had around 300 ms lag so to go to around 100 in ICS then 30-40ms oin JB on my nexus has thats pretty good going. It really is usable now I'd be interested in seeing what the new galaxy note 10.1 gets.

  7. Well, every music app on the old iOS devices certainly did not need a 1,5Ghz dualcore and still run poorly. I expect things to be greatly improved as soon as JB arrives on my HTC One X.

  8. I've just tried that drum app on my galaxy nexus and I can confirm that there is 0 perceivable sound latency when tapping on the drums. I'll try my transformer when i get home and maybe post a response video

  9. Thanks for taking the time to test the latency 🙂

    caustic 2 seems to lag more than the other apps. I think once people see that andriod has improved in that area we will see more devolopers putting more time and effort into apps as the customer base/market grows. From what ave read up, the nexus 7 is 12ms (there aiming to get that down to 10ms), ipad is 5.6ms and ics was 100ms.

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