Android Oreo has arrived (CNET News)


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During the solar eclipse, Android unveiled its new operating system at a viewing party in Manhattan. We went and checked it out.

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40 thoughts on “Android Oreo has arrived (CNET News)

  1. So here is the story I have been using Android O since last 25 days DP 4 and now official build
    And still some features are not available, I even reset my phone yesterday but no luck. Features that I notice not available/ working on my Nexus 6P
    1. Picture in picture mode (I enabled in settings but still not working on YouTube)
    2. Notification dots (again enabled in apps notification settings but not working on Google now launcher)
    3. Adeptive icons Not available option in settings at all.
    And after official OTA update on my Nexus 6P once it rebooted randomly while I was using Google play (after official update reboot) I had this issue in Android nougat (not in O DP4 but I noticed once that strange behavior again after official OTA update) #WTF_Google 😡
    If anyone have the same issue and if you fix it let me Know.

  2. ITS A BAG OF CRAP STILL! I have the Samsung s7 Edge and can't WAIT to switch back to an iPhone.. my iPhone 6s plus is 7 months older than the Samsung s7 edge…. BUT MY IPHONE WORKED BETTER..

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