Android Oreo on Sony Xperia X (cool new features and UI changes)


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Download the new Xperia loops wallpaper:

New Xperia Loops wallpaper from Xperia XA2 available to download

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39 thoughts on “Android Oreo on Sony Xperia X (cool new features and UI changes)

  1. Hi, I'm in the US,
    and I have Sony Xperia X performance (F8132, dual SIM)
    with IMEI number 358096070688482
    with build number 41.2.A.7.76
    I bought an international version (the seller was based in Hong Kong), but I'm unable to update it to Android Oreo. Do you know why I can't update it to Android Oreo? I thought maybe because I'm using 64GB /8132 model, but after seeing your video, I'm wondering why I can't because it seems like your phone is also 64GB model.

  2. Since I update my phone to oreo, I can No longer apply all the themes that I installed…😒
    I like my Pink Theme and I want it back to apply on my Sony Xperia Xa1 Ultra…..
    Pls help 😆😆😆

  3. Wtf my Samsung s7 edge got damaged(reversed my Ute over it) bought xperia x performance as its cheaper, so far happy with performance not as good as s7 edge but for the money I paid totally justifies the performance. My xperia got better battery life than s7 and heats pretty much same. Good job Sony

  4. Can anyone please tell me if I'll still have the Nougat multitasking feature available after i update to Oreo? I'd not spare Multitasking for Picture-in-Picture since it doesn't support many apps.

  5. Smart cleaner is in the assist section… I updated my phone today and its actually improved in the battery consumption… It saves alot compared to when i had the android 7.1.1

  6. Can you tell me more about the battery life? What screen-on time do you usually get? I usually get 4-6 hours of screen-on time during two day period, on Nougat that is (still haven't received Oreo). I'm happy with that so I don't know if I'll be upgrading to Oreo.

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