Android Oreo – Samsung S6 – Review + installation guide – Android 8 – LineageOS 15


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Hi everyone, Android Oreo is just out and here you go, you can now see how it looks on a Samsung Galaxy S6. You can also install it for yourselves if you’d like, I’ve clearly explained all the steps; also, all the necessary links can be found below.

There’s also a quick review of its current features and status. The ROM is not suitable as a daily driver yet but it’s very primissing and i’m really impressed by it given the current state of development as a pre-beta ROM.

It currently works…

19 thoughts on “Android Oreo – Samsung S6 – Review + installation guide – Android 8 – LineageOS 15

  1. hey m8 thanks for the vid
    i was considering to also have this ROM on my S6 but as a daily driver
    is it suitable for now ?
    would you advice me a different one ?

  2. Hey I installed the rom and everything seemed to be working fine, I had one crash but that was it. Then I tried opening the recorder app and my phone restarted. Then every time it would boot back into the lock screen it would just crash again, putting my phone into a boot loop. I then decided to wipe everything again and reinstall the rom but I couldnt even get through setup without it crashing. Ive even gone back to noble rom now and then tried reinstalling the lineage rom but the lineage rom doesnt work anymore. noble rom seems to work fine.

    Any ideas?


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