ANDROID P BETA 4 (DP5): More Boring Than iOS.


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The Android P Beta 4, Developer Preview 5 (DP5) for Android 9 came out, and I tested it out on my Pixel 2 XL and it was more boring than iOS. There’s nothing there, but you have questions about the Android P Beta 4, so I answered them for you! Betcha $5 that the Note 9 won’t get Android 9. At least it’ll get Fortnite.

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35 thoughts on “ANDROID P BETA 4 (DP5): More Boring Than iOS.

  1. Tell you the truth man I didn't like this video not because the quality wasn't there or the topic wasn't good but I felt like you kept rambling on Plus the title of the video was supposed to be about Android p but you started talking about other phones and what not I didn't come here to listen to you talk about Galaxy phones or fortnite that threw me way off then at your failed attempt to be funny you missed this is my first I'm watching one of your videos so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and try to watch one more before I hit subscribe I hope I didn't come off as a jerk I'm not trying to be mean or malicious I like the camera angle I like the background music I like the lighting you have the typical reviewer Style voice and attitude but I still feel like you weren't being you I think transparency and authenticity stands out and I don't know if I was getting that from you well that was my review of your review I hardly write comments on videos but I definitely had to say something because everybody else is telling you good job and I'm telling you the truth it was a good job but I think you can do better

  2. I've been using the last couple of betas of Android P and for the most part I like it and have had no issues. There are just a bunch of little things that bother me. Why so much space between the pill home button and the dock icons ( isn't the point of gestures to free up space?) , Bring back animations from preview 2 where closing out of an app kind of wiped it to the left, make the app switcher more attractive. The apps should overlap a bit instead of only being able to see them in a full view one by one. And the animations should more attractive similar to IOS. I just feel like it's half baked but overall it's no worse than Android oreo. I just feel like it could definitely use minor tweaks.

  3. I think Google hired a bad batch this time… They're probably all retards with a bad taste of design or something. I'll use my mid-range xiaomi phone running custom roms with tons of customisations

  4. This new Pixel 3XL is making me really happy I didn't wait and got the Pixel 2XL. Loving this phone….I'm sitting out the notch phase of smartphones…..I'm still having a hard time with this notch. I feel like when it's 2025 we'll all be laughing about 2018 and the "notch" phones.

  5. Hey bro! Always love watching your videos… Just wanted to mention how this newest version of Android P is garbage. The number of times my system stops, freezes, restarts, closes down and basically I wish I could just smash my phone against the wall 3 or 4 times a day. Anywho, just wondering what you think about this?

  6. Change for the sake of change in never a good thing. Some of the changes like the garish colors in the menu icons for example are highly debatable. And I'm still waiting for a Windows Mobile like live tile system which will actually display information instead of the prehistoric pathetic icons. Not gonna come unless Apple does it I'm afraid that's Alphabet's mentality nowadays.

  7. Very nice ilumination. Specially the blue left one. Great. (PS: I HAVE HASHTAGS IN YOUTUBE NOW!)

    I like the direction Android and Material Design 2.0 is heading, but it NEED to make the black theme a fact. Is whiter and whiter increasingly.

    PS2: love the final song. It matches this channel. I need the name of it, or will be a hole in my life.

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