Android P: Changing The Game With Project Treble – Gary Explains


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Project Treble promises to bring balance to Android’s biggest problem: version fragmentation. First introduced with Android O, this reworking of the Android OS’ internals will hit its stride in Android P, evidenced by the fact that seven OEMs released Android P betas in parallel with Google. So, what exactly is Project Treble and how does it help? Please, let me explain.

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20 thoughts on “Android P: Changing The Game With Project Treble – Gary Explains

  1. hmmm, but I need to buy a new phone don't I?.. as long as mine still works, I'll stick with 7.0… thx
    but whenever I do update, if this is already around, great!

  2. Hi Gary! I like videos, they are very informative and to the point. I'm very curious about the Snapdragon 710 and how does it compare to older 820, 821.. etc. Hope you'll make a video explaining that. Thanks!

  3. I hope it comes like demonstrated. Giving the OEMs and Carriers a "Veto" option which update should arrive on which device at the end was the biggest mistake Google could make and gave them a huge disadvantage against Apple. The new project just works well if OEMs and Carriers are forced to use the HALs as well ofc.

  4. You apologise for the extraneous noise that affects the interview with the Google guy, but then decide to include a pointless drumbeat as background to the rest of the video. Please let Gary explain without such irritating distractions.

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