Android P First Beta Features (Sony Xperia XZ2)


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Android P first beta for the Sony Xperia XZ2. Just released today! Main features covered in this video

Here’s the link for Xperia XZ2 owners:

28 thoughts on “Android P First Beta Features (Sony Xperia XZ2)

  1. Can you tell me about the refresh rate setting? Because in recent article somebody said that sony's flahship phone screen support the high refresh rate like razer phone but disable by kernel and also by default android oreo don't support high refresh rate screen but android p by default support it. So i hope that you could show us if there's a setting for turn on high refresh rate screen im the latest android p

  2. I want to note. This isn't the Xperia android P setup. You had the Google Pixel camera because it's stock android P and not the Sony version that will be updated. Still it's great to see they're finally removing the 3 buttons from the bottom. I want as much functioning screen and I was saying if the bottom is essentially dedicated to buttons why not just add actual buttons to every phone like the older galaxys. Can't wait for it!

  3. I installed the Beta on my xz2, but now I can not get back to Oreo. I tried with the Companion program, but it stops in the phase of preparation for the installation, someone has happened the same thing? Sorry for my english :/

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