Android Pay everywhere: New developments – Google I/O 2016


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Be the first to hear about what we’ve been up to since launch and the exciting new announcements we have in the works for Android Pay. Join us on a whirlwind tour of new features, partners and markets, including new opportunities for developers to bring a seamless transaction experience to mobile devices.

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17 thoughts on “Android Pay everywhere: New developments – Google I/O 2016

  1. Looking forward to it coming to New Zealand whenever that may be…!
    Question – where is the best place to follow progress on Google Pay? It's a shame there isn't a dedicated youtube channel for it..

  2. Too bad Android pay doesn't work where most people shop in the USA. I had Samsung pay and it worked 85% of the time compared to 20% of the time from Android pay. Start getting your stuff together and make it work like Samsung pay and I would be happy. Currently have a LG G5 and android pay is kind of a joke to use on it…

  3. Hello sir,
    I am creating a application which include's google map.
    so, i want to keep the marker in the center as like uber android application, while zooming, Uber has managed the zoomin and zoomout ,so basically if we zoom the uber map ,then the pointer get sicked in center of the screen and when we drag the map, then map moves under the maker.
    For reference please try the uber application …
    so, how can i implement the same feature .
    please kindly reply for the same.

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