Android Pie 9.0 on Essential Phone – Changes & Updates


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Android Pie 9.0 was released to the public a few days ago, and to my absolute shock and delight the Essential Phone PH-1 got the update on day 1 with the Pixel and Pixel 2. This is a first for any Android phone ever.
Usually after the update is released to the public it usually takes months before it’s pushed out to most android devices. Only Google branded devices (Pixel & Nexus) would get the update on the same day as the public release.

So for an non google device to get an update on…

32 thoughts on “Android Pie 9.0 on Essential Phone – Changes & Updates

  1. You’ve made a mistake. You CAN scrub through all apps at the bottom. Hold and drag the home pill left or right to scroll through all apps. The quick swipe to the right is meant for you to swap between your 2 most recent apps easily

  2. They should do a PH-2 ..same build materials but same size as the iPhone SE and keeping the all screen display… Oh and install an improved camera app… killer phone!! Beat Apple to the punch once they decide to release a smaller phone, and they will..for sure.

  3. I can't wait to get my essential phone tomorrow I'm giving it another chance my friends
    I use to dislike the phone but know when I heard the battery is like a beast it's a recommendation.

  4. I have a problem that started after I updated the OS to Android Pie. My Android Auto iHeartRadio app stops after a few minutes of playing. I have Waze running, also in the Android Auto app. It says iHeartRadio doesn't seem to be working right now. I never experienced this bug until the pie update. I have tried clearing Cache and memory for the three apps involved. ie Android Auto, Waze and iHeartRadio. Also deleting and reinstalling apps. I might have to revert to Android Oreo 8.1. Anyone else have these problems?

  5. Wish I could get this below the price of honor play in UK (£275) with them saying android 10 will come for it it would last me 2/3 years from now 🙂 not sure if the honor play would get android q atall ?

  6. I hope they make it. They are definitely a start up that needs to survive. the Chinese brands aren't all to enticing right now especially with them copying the whole giant notch fiasco, although i hear that oneplus 6t is copying essential now.

  7. i updated my essential phone to android 9 pie but i can not able to see full view app around the notch like video or games.
    plz help me how i can see video around the notch like 8.1

  8. It's now on sale for $224!! You were ripped off. Are you on commission or being paid for this video? Essential is a defunct company and the liquidators still need to dump hundreds of thousands of unsold phones. If anyone wants one they should still wait, you will get it for 100 bucks by the end of the year or even $50 in 2019. It could be a cool Christmas gift for your kids at a low price. They had to update them to Pie. If they hadn't they would all be in the recycling bin.

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