Android Retrofit Example | JSON API Retrofit Library Working Tutorial (in Hindi)


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In this video, we will fetch JSON data from a blog using Retrofit library. We have covered step by step a simple retrofit example to fetch data from the server. Blogger API is used to show articles in an app. JSON feeds of the blog are shown in Cardview inside recylcerview. This video is part 6th of our new android development tutorial series for beginners.

Follow along – everything is explained in Hindi.

Topics Covered –
– Set up of blog API (Blogger API is used)
– Create interface…

49 thoughts on “Android Retrofit Example | JSON API Retrofit Library Working Tutorial (in Hindi)

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  2. bhai koi live project ya Application develop karonga m to yahi cheezain follow karni hoti hain ? for developing an app? ya ye sirf beginners k lia hai ye series ? softwar houses and production houses m alag trhan se kam hota hai ?

  3. भाई आप कहि भी बोलने में अटकते नही। इस से पता चलता है आप कितने अनुभवी हो यार।। best teacher…

  4. hi dear I made an android app and i want to add a feature in this that " if i put something new on my blog/site it send a new notificaton on mobile as we see a new notification on our mobile if we use whats upp same like this i want to do" can you please help me.

  5. @POST("/GetLocation")
    Call<PostLocation> getLocation();

    I create a method like this. I have an API which works like when we post a request it returns something in response, which we further use.

    But In my case when I call this method it falls into Onfailure().

    I want to know is it necessary to pass a parameter in method in case of Retrofit?

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