Android RF Spectrum Analyzer 50-2000MHz for $10


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38 thoughts on “Android RF Spectrum Analyzer 50-2000MHz for $10

  1. Hi I have the say receiver as in your video DVB-T+DAB+FM but I notice on the packaging that it requires a windows connection. Is there a specific android model I have to purchase or should this work as I have a Samsung tablet and I have installed the RTL-SDR driver, SDR Touch and also purchased SDR touch Key. However when I plug the receiver into the tablet using the OTG adapter, the LED does not come on the receiver. I tested the receiver with a windows notebook and it works. What am I doing wrong? Your assistance will be appreciated.

  2. how is this different than spectroid which is free? it shows the whole spectrum, but you can focus on one freq too. you said it will graph/record 60min. that may be different. can you make app capture stats for 60min to a file, reset itself and continue monitoring?

    also, i have an electrosmog RF meter ex. acousticom 2. is this detecting same signals graphically or a broader range?

  3. guys I am looking for a frequency analyzer in HF and LF mode, that supports android. Measurement should be precise. Basically I will measure my RFID Tags frequency tuning in 13.56MHz range, 125KHz and 134.2KHz range. Can someone suggest a device for doing this? It is okay, even if it is a cheap stand alone device or a microsoft supportive device or even android supportive ideas are welcome. pls help. Thanks in advance

  4. I don´t know how i get here, but all of you must understand this app won´t turn your smartphone into a measurement device but a very enjoyable toy. We always get what we paid for, and this is a rule always. Let me explain all technically, best Spectrum Analyzers SA´s can measure with a precision of 0.1-0.2 dB that is provided for the hardware (this make expensive the unit as more precise the instrument), from handheld unite we can expect precision from 0.5 (thee best) up to 2.0 dB and from this precision we can find educational tools and this mobiles like this video. If you want to play this device or any from educational will be fine, but if you want to make serious measurements, field test or R&D, consider to get a good brand instrument and check amplitude accuracy at specification datasheet.

  5. Why do people keep calling these things spectrum analyzers? This is not a spectrum analyzer it is nothing more than a simple band scope.

    Spectrum ANALYZERS must have the ability to be calibrated and do precision measurements. That's why they are called ANALYZERS if all you can do is look at signals then it's a simple band scope.

    You really should retitle this as "Android RF Band Scope"

  6. good application , I got one of these recently and thought of using it to look at the S0-50 amateur satellite passes . connected to a proper yogi , I can then see the activity and the doppler shift live of the pass , very handy. I purchase the Full version , only a few Pounds off he play store.

  7. Hello –
    thanks for the video, and i want to try it out. but there is one thing that always confuses me about dealing with broadcast, and that is getting the right format so that it displays in the US. in doing a little research it looks as tho to get it to work in the US i have to have an ATSC, whatever that is (on the wiki DVB-T map) . yet i don't see any of the dongles in eBay listing ATSC, or saying that they will work in the US.
    could you give me a little guidance with this ? i just want the spectrum analyzer, not TV.

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