Android Studio Tutorial – 71 – Image Slider Using ViewPager


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How to create a simple image slideshow in your android application using ViewPager widget.
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37 thoughts on “Android Studio Tutorial – 71 – Image Slider Using ViewPager

  1. This is a good video. I am trying to have something similar done. However, if my images are saved in firebase realtime database and would like them to sync upon any changes made on the realtime database. How would I need to implement this? Unlike retrieving the images from the R.drawable resource file.

  2. sir if the image names are already being shown in a recycler layout and the user clicks an image how do I start this activity with the clicked image as the image being displayed and the rest images before it and after it respectively

  3. Excuse me, I am learning to program in Android studio, a don´t speak English but I am learning English too and your English sound different I believe, where are you from. oooh and thanks very much for the tutorial the language is not a problem.

  4. my app kept crashing but this solved it:
    Import your images as "Image Asset" or with better with "Mutisource-Drawable" (Android Stuidio plugin "Android Drawable Importer")

  5. superb no words…..thank you very much
    every one doing one mistake check which layout your using ….don't copy and paste same code;;;simple code …working 100%
    once again thank you very much prabeesh sir

  6. This tutorial was very helpful to implement Slide Show through view pager.
    Sir, could you also, let us know how to place small circles at the bottom of slideshow.
    whenever users slides from one image to other, small circles also changes its color.

  7. Thanks This works for me. But i wish to have two view-pager in two different activities, one view-pager for each activity. How can I do that ?? I tried building two adapters and everything but the second viewpager exits the app after showing some images…
    Thank You

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