Android Studio Tutorial – Scan QR Code by Camera


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In this tutorial , you will learn how to create app scan QR Code with Camera in Android

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33 thoughts on “Android Studio Tutorial – Scan QR Code by Camera

  1. what can i do if i have two Textfields in my Activity and i want to fetch different data on them for example. first Textfield to collect Person Name and second text field to have Phone number by scanning QR code is it possible.Thank you for the tutorial

  2. Hi, thanks for this tutorial, this work perfect on my phone, but when I use android tablet to scan qrcode, there are nothing happening, qrcode.size always 0.
    Do you know why and maybe you can tell me , thanks a lot.

  3. anh ơi anh có thể chỉ em cách chụp máy tính bằng nox được ko a em đang xài nox,
    em đang làm đồ án về mấy cái barcode này mà sao em nản quá em ko biết cách chụp thế nào

  4. Hi Sir i have an error…

    Program type already present:$Op
    Message{kind=ERROR, text=Program type already present:$Op, sources=[Unknown source file], tool name=Optional.of(D8)}

  5. Hi sir,
    I have a problem.
    E/UncaughtException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
    at$Builder.<init>(Unknown Source)

    I tried rebuilding my project, but it doesn't help. As I read, the problem is caused by multiDex enabling, but I can't solve it. Could you help me? Thank you in advance.

  6. Hi, thanks for this great tutorial ! Would you know how to fix picture distortion in the surfaceView. The preview size does not keep the Camera ratio and I did not find solutions to fix this issue.
    Thank you if you can help 🙂

  7. hiii sir… Please help me i have followed your video tutorial and created the app but my app is not detecting QR codes it is just remaining blank…. It is showing the camera but its not detecting the qr when im focusing on it… Please tell me the Solution

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