Android tutorial (2018) – 01 – Introduction to Android


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Welcome to the first video in android tutorial series.
In this video we can learn a simple introduction to android.
Android is an operating system mainly used for smart phones.But now you can find android in your Tab, Watches and even in your car.

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47 thoughts on “Android tutorial (2018) – 01 – Introduction to Android

  1. I respect you. I am new comer to android and I came to android because I have a dream and I don't have money to hire someone to help me build my dream. I have completed first activity in 2 weeks.

    Thank a lot, you are contributing 90% to my knowledge. I will cherish your help.

  2. Thank you man, i think its a right time now to learn how to make android apps
    Your tutorial is a big help out here. No school no exams, doing what i want to be for myself not for marks.
    Be blessed

  3. Prabeesh you are without a doubt the best source for learning Android Studio ! Keep up the good work and thank you ! Also I see you have some firebase videos and was wondering could you do firestorm as well ?

  4. Hi. I am facing a problem running the hello world on ADV. It brings the message (aidl is missing from 'C:UsershpAppDataLocalAndroidSdkbuild-tools27.0.3aidl.exe'). What should i do?

  5. Hlo sir , I want to build a app which contains I'd pass login and then data storage management like excel data or data of any college under that I'd pass .How should I start it? I have all the softwares installed .How should I start it ? Please help me over it .Will work on it also for 2 months++ if needed

  6. Can you make a video where number of required card views are created on run time inside a recycler view and these card views have edit text where user can provide input and is saved in list.

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