Android tutorial (2018) – 08 – Enable Up Navigation for your Android application


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In this video we are going to learn about how to enable logical parent for an Activity .

If there are number of activities present in your application then the user need to click the back button again and again for go back to the home activity. The solution for this problem is specifying logical parent for each activity.

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27 thoughts on “Android tutorial (2018) – 08 – Enable Up Navigation for your Android application

  1. Hello Sir, Great work there. It will help a lot, But instead of going to parent activity by arrow icon in toolbar, please show how to go to parent activity by backpress, because most of the time a user presses back button instead of icon to go back.
    Thank You.

  2. Sir pls make I am making file manager app so pls make video on
    1)how to show memory status bar which show available and total memory (in graphical mode)
    2)how to add info button which show file/folder path, date, size, etc.
    3)how to show internal and external storage files in list view
    4)adding copy,move,rename,delete

  3. Sir can you please create 3 tutorial video which will be very helpful.

    1) How to add icon to onesignal push notification for android where it will show app icon instead of default icon?
    2) How to show splash screen till the app loads for a web view app?
    3) How to add pull to refresh or swipe to refresh option and go to the opened page after refreshing, rather going back to the home page?

    Please create these 3 tutorial videos. Thank you in advance.

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