Android Tutorial – How to send WhatsApp messages with MIT App Inventor 2


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In this video I am going to show you how to easily send WhatsApp messages in your MIT App Inventor 2 Android App.

The properties for the activitystarter are:
Action = android.intent.action.SEND
ActivityPackage = com.whatsapp
ActivityClass = com.whatsapp.ContactPicker
DataType = text/plain
ExtraKey = android.intent.extra.TEXT

You can download the source file from here:

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40 thoughts on “Android Tutorial – How to send WhatsApp messages with MIT App Inventor 2

  1. Buon video! Sto cercando qualcosa di simile, ma che ti permette di inviare il messaggio a un nome predefinito dalla mia lista di contatti whatsapp senza la quale devo scegliere. Sai come farlo? Un'altra cosa: e per ottenere messaggi? come fare è il suggerimento per il tuo prossimo video!

  2. HI. Thank you for this tutorial. I use it on my app. But now someone wants me to make a simple one for there club and sent a message to just one standard person. Can i put a number in this program so you dont choose from a list?
    grts Udo

  3. Hi, Sir! would there be some way for you to help me? I live in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, which is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world today. I am trying to create an application where people selecting an option in a "Listpicker" can send an automatic message to the people added in Whatsapp. It's automatic messages like "there's a shooting at this location here now", "they're trying to rob here on this site now" and messages like that. Because in the panic, people will not be able to calmly type in what is happening as dangerous.The application compiles, but it does not work as your example in the video. Well…the app doesn't work. Nothing happens. Could you review my code if I sent you the .aia file for some contact email from you? Thank you in advance for your attention. Subscribed. Best Wishes.

  4. Hello, great video! I'm tring to make an app with appinventor that send an SSH command. I successfully enstablish the connection with ConnectBot but I'm unable to send a simple command. Can you help please? Thanks.

  5. How do I make the number to which the message is sent always the same? Is to use on a radio and the idea is for people to send messages through the app where they listen to the radio so I need all the messages to reach the same number without giving the option of selecting a number thanks for the answer

  6. This was a great tutorial.
    I want to build an app to view web pages & also to view my Youtube channel… my question is, how do I get videos to play in the appinventor2's webviewer?

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