Android TV Box Setup Tutorial


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Demonstration of how to setup an Android TV box, in this case the Dolamee D5 but most things mentioned here should apply to most boxes.
Remote overview @1:23
Set network, date & time @6:20
Installing add-ons @9:54
Editing channel shortcuts @13:00
Change background @14:00
Using add-ons @14:46
Adding favorites @15:30
Changing layouts @16:14

28 thoughts on “Android TV Box Setup Tutorial

  1. Hi.. My audio keeps stopping every 5mins when I watch a movie in my tv box w95. So I had to go back and return every time when I watch a movie. What is the permanent solution for it? Please let me know immediately.

  2. @Elite IT Consulting hi, could you help me please? im going to buy an android box but im not sure how to set it up since the pc and tv i use are in the basement and the router is upstairs. i have the pc downstairs connected by wire to the upstiars router. is there a way to connect the android box by wire? i was also wondering if my vpn that i already have will work through it being done this way?

  3. I completely erased my brand new android box, It has Kodi 16 jarvis, but no apps. and i cant get to add source to type in the http :// fusion etc… Have i lost everything?Please help if you can , i`m a senior and tv is all i have.

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