Android vs iOS Street Fighter Edition- QuickRadar Smackdown Special


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It’s the ultimate smackdown as the biggest names in mobile OS face off in this week’s QuickRadar

35 thoughts on “Android vs iOS Street Fighter Edition- QuickRadar Smackdown Special

  1. Apple's Quality,hardware And speed is Way Better. Most android users hate ios then loving their android devices .Apple fans love ios and do not be as Complacent as android users who plastic quality gives a $&"¥€

  2. Why Android devices suck

    2. not all apps are compatible with all Android devices.
    3. most Android phones have pointless and stupid features.
    4. ugly UI
    5. The software you get with the phone you usually stay with. Its very hard to update the software of a Android phone.
    6. Malware magnet
    7. most Android phones are made out of cheap hard plastic which makes it a #$%$ phone

  3. ever heard of bluetooth, wifi direct, and yes of course NFC which is instant sharing, so you dont have to wait forever like with airshare. and have you ever heard of something called third party developers? i have been using parorama wallpapers which moves with my movement for about two months now…

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