50 thoughts on “Android vs Iphone

  1. thie android phone is obviously the better choice. I do like the apple company. Alot really. But, i hate how apple is only making the iphone. I mean, they could make another phone different from the iphone. But no. The iphone-iphone 5c are just the same design but just updated. Android on the other hand, has more choices. From a flip phone to touch screen, android has it all.

  2. What would you like to say about:
    -installation of roms, apk apps, piratebay
    -google services
    -good and custom apps
    -keyboard, launcher, etc change
    -less restricted and locked up market so you get better apps.

  3. I've had both. I think that Apple devices are generally easier to use, but not nearly as customizable. Unfortunately, there were just not enough apps to satisfy me for student use.

  4. I was talking about the motherboard build quality. Sure, the case IS strong. However, the board snaps like a twig. That's not normal. I would have to take my motherboard from my computer and snap it over my knee in order to break it. It's pretty strong.

    It really depends on the Android you're getting. A lot of them have better shock-absorbers than the iPhone.

  5. My dads android phone crashes all the time even with the original OS it came with and my mums iPhone 4S has never crashed and its running iOS 6.1.3 and is going to be upgraded to iOS 7 when it comes out

  6. Benefits of Androids:
    Lots of choices
    Better hardware

    Benefits of iPhones:

    Bad things about android:
    Lack of iShop?

    Bad things about iPhones:
    High-theft item
    Priced too high
    Cheaply built

  7. Android is developing at the speed of light. It is impossible to compare IOS to a two year old android phone. Concerning specs: do iPhone users even know what multitasking is?!

  8. Funny because the galaxy s3 costs less but offers much more hardware and software with more customization options. Also the aluminum doesn't really matter when you have a case on does it?

  9. 1. Android is easy to use as well, you probably just suck with electronics.
    2. Android devices don't break as easily as iDevices.
    3. If the battery is broken, you have to send it to Apple and wait a while to get it back, unlike with Android where you can just replace it.
    4. No, nothing like that at all. For a lower price, you get a better device, because some Android devices have a better processor, example: Nexus 7 has Quad-core, iPad Mini has Dual core. Also, the Nexus 7 has a better screen.

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