Andy emulator tutorial: say goodbye to bluestacks!


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In this video im gonna introduce you to a new android emulator called Andy. Im also going to show you how to get it up and running with your android apps.

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46 thoughts on “Andy emulator tutorial: say goodbye to bluestacks!

  1. How well can it communicate with the host system on Windows? clipboard functionality host <- -> emulator (text, files, images etc), shared folders. Drag and drop between emulator and host. Just wondering. I wasn't very impressed with bluestacks on that regard.

  2. This thing is a scam.
    Andy Android Emulator has a hidden cryptocurrency miner, possibly implemented by Devs themselves.
    It will even run when you uninstall it from Windows.
    Use Tencent's emulator or… Why not get a cheap smartphone?

  3. don´t download andy, virus confirmed, andy download page:

  4. installed andy, takes forever to install, installs riskware and programs you don't need and consumes a huge amount of resources. UI is garbage and deleted the app after 5min, screw you video poster and all the jackasses promoting this shit software.

  5. no recomiendo este emulador android >(andy) EN ABSOLUTO, UNNINSTALL OTHER PROGRAMS WITHOUT ANSWERS
    I don't recommend this android emulator at all

    bluestacks works very well.


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