Apple AirPods vs Samsung Gear IconX (2018) | Which One Wins?


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The Apple AirPods are the clear choice for Apple users and the Samsung Gear IconX is the best alternative for Android. Its iOS vs Android!

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23 thoughts on “Apple AirPods vs Samsung Gear IconX (2018) | Which One Wins?

  1. I got the iconX for X-mas. The only thing I hate about them is that there big. I can’t pull my hair back and display them cuz they look like two big balls on the side of my head😂

    So I’m getting the pods .

  2. I have owned both……icon x are so bad (just my opinion ) they are so uncomfortable I can't listen for an hour straight without hurting my ears….the battery goes low pretty fast and the sound quality is so bad if you consider urself a mild audiophile( cause I let my freind used it and he loved it but he's the type to say 10 dollar headphones sound amazing)….. I used my freinds wired Bluetooth which cost him about 30 dollars and it sounded a lot better than the icon x….. there's barley any Bass . mind you I was really hoping I liked them cause i have a samsung note 5 …I just got airpods today and I was ready to be disappointed but God was I wrong the base was so freaking good way way better than the icon x….even when I put the icon on high Base it still sucked….if you want to strain ur ears and look like u have hearing aids have barely any bass go for the icon x but if you want better sound quality go with airpods….

  3. Who cares if the Airpods have "more" battery time? They look ridiculous and they sound like shit. No noise isolation? In 2018? You'll go deaf from having to blast them at full volume to overcome your surroundings.

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