Apple Employee Uses Android Phone (Is it Samsung ?)


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There have been a few cases where Android smartphone manufacturers tweeted using Twitter for iPhone. Now, it seems the tables have turned. The official Apple Music account has tweeted from an Android device. Samsung Nigeria recently tweeted about the Galaxy Note 9 using an iPhone.

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Music used: ‘beatsbyNeVs-Ridin’…

24 thoughts on “Apple Employee Uses Android Phone (Is it Samsung ?)

  1. But this doesn’t feel weird to me… Apple Music is available on iPhone and Android. It’s not like they’re advertising the new iPhone, they’re advertising Apple Music.

  2. Well, a smartphone is on hand so, it's easier to just click and send there, instead of having to boot up a laptop/PC navigate in browser and open via web browser… But I guess they should be careful or proof read (can those be actually delete?) before sending… Think before you click 😉😉😉

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