Apple Watch VS. Android Wear : Which Smartwatch is Best?


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What’s better? The Apple Watch or Android Wear? Most likely if you decide to buy a smartwatch it’s going to be made by Apple or using Google’s Android Wear Platform. Watch my latest video on the differences between the two, so that you can decide which one is best for you. Who knows it may be neither.

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20 thoughts on “Apple Watch VS. Android Wear : Which Smartwatch is Best?

  1. Nice review. I like Apple smartwatch. But there is a smartwatch that is going to launch soon. It has caught my attention. It has interesting features as it is customizable. User has the ability to control its features. I'm talking about the new block modular smartwatch. It supports both iOS and Android platform. There's a lot to explore. I'll be expecting it and its review as well.

  2. I think that is really dumb paying 17k for an apple watch when you can buy a really fancy rolex. my opining Β i think apple should have maxed out their watches at $800 bucks.Β 

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